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A Founder's Heart

Shape the future. Found a start up.

I have met many people who would like to start their own business but never end up doing so. In my conversations with them, I have noticed that it is always the same reasons that prevent them from doing so.


  • The fear of venturing into the unknown.

  • The belief that it needs a great idea first.

  • The feeling of not having enough knowledge, skills, time and money.


I have therefore decided to write a practical guide for people who want to set out together with me and take their lives into their own hands.


The accelerating pace of technology and globalisation is followed by profound changes in our society and individual lives which often unsettle us. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and join me on a journey to explore your passions, understand revolutionary developments in technology, business and society and discover the manifold opportunities they offer to realise your ideas.

In my book, I aim to give you the practical knowledge and skills to become the master of your destiny again in this fast-paced digital world, with joy and ease. 

Based on many years of experience as a founder and start-up coach, as well as on the most important insights of more than 100 other founders with whom I have spoken and worked over the years, I am developing a practical handbook for you: A Founder's Heart.


On our interactive, multimedia journey, you will learn step by step how to use a growing number of digital tools and, together with me, develop your ideas and start your first business following a clear and well established path.

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